For those who crochet, you will find many wonderful patterns and tips here.

Back to Basics Snuggle

This is a very easy pattern for anyone starting out or someone just looking for a pattern to occupy your hands while watching television.

Bands of Beads Totebag

This pattern is provided by American School of Needlework's book, Trendsetting Totes. What a great way to carry your Snuggles work.

Basic Granny Square Snuggle

This is an easy pattern. Good for beginners.

The Basket of Hearts is part of the Snuggle Tubbie Series and provides lots of comfort for our shelter friends. The concept of the tubbie patterns are to give a safe little place for the animals to be able to crawl into for privacy and to get away from ...

Building Bridges Snuggle

This Snuggle works up very quickly and makes a beautiful shell pattern. You may like this pattern so much that you would like to even make a Snuggle for yourself.

Checkered Rug Snuggle

Great textural Snuggle with lots of interest.

Clothesline Snuggle

This creates a very sturdy Snuggle for a dog kennel.

This is new style of Snuggle meant to give a little curl-up place for frightened shelter animals. The psychological effects of this design is a great comfort in feeling safe. Even pets who are safe in their own home would like to have their own Snuggle Tu ...

Double Crochet V Snuggle

Great tactility. Easy to make.

Dream Walk Snuggle

Walking along the beach and seeing a breathtaking sunset is the inspiration of this wonderfully comfortable Snuggle.

Fabric Strips Snuggle

Tear up those sheets and start making this Snuggle rug.

Here is a variation of the first fabric strips pattern.

What a fun Snuggle! Is it a mat, a toy, or both?

What a fabulous way to expand on the Single-Double crochet stitch but to add an expansive border of the Front-Post to add lift to this wonderful Snuggle.

Patchwork Pet Mat

Here is a new idea for a pet mat and a VERY useful scrap buster!! I'm calling it a "Patchwork Pet Mat" and it is 15" square. There are 64 squares in each mat, sewn together with a yarn needle, and a small border. Very cushy and (I would think) comfy for a ...

Quick and Easy Snuggle

This is an extremely easy Snuggle pattern that even the most inexperienced crocheter can make. It is a great teaching pattern for beginners as well as a good exercise pattern for the elderly with hand/arm disabilites.

Single-Double Snuggle

As simple as a one-two dance step. This pattern works up quickly and easily.

Snuggle Pillow

This is a very easy pattern that can do without any difficulty. One pillow can be done within the scope of one good movie. So gather your crochet hook, cotton yarn, pick a good movie and start making these wonderful little cage items.