The first place to start your search online is our Worldwide Shelter Directory.
Look for shelters with a Snuggle Kitten icon. Those shelters have asked to participate in the program.

If you cannot find a shelter near you with a Snuggle Kitten icon, then you will need to ask them if they accept Snuggles for the shelter animals. Sometimes a shelter worker will not be familiar with the Snuggles Project and will not know what a Snuggle is, you can help them understand by asking them if they use blankets, towels, or matting in their cages and kennels for the animals. If their answer is "yes", then they will accept Snuggles for the animals. In that case, take a minute to let us know that we should give their listing a Snuggle Kitten icon.

Please remember to report all your Snuggles donations.