The official definition of a Snuggle is "a security blanket for shelter animals." The term "security blanket" is based on the psychological effects it provides to the animals. A Snuggle can be used as a blanket, mat, or bed. The primary purpose of the Snuggle is to provide physical and psychological comfort at a time when the animal feels the most vulnerable and hopeless. It could possibly be the last piece of comfort an animal may feel in his life. It is the intent and purpose of the Snuggles Project to make sure that each and every shelter animal has this comfort to help them get through this period in their life.

Participants in the Snuggles Project should be aware that a “Snuggle” is an animal bed/mat/blanket which is created with the intention of donating to a shelter to provide comfort and security to a homeless pet (essentially, created for the purpose of the Snuggles Project).