For those who knit, you will find many wonderful patterns and tips here for both hand knitting or machine.

Simple Rug Snuggle

This is a great pattern for long winter nights. Curl up in front of your favorite movie and knit away your troubles with this easy knit pattern.

Like a little lifeboat, we hope this will give the shelter animals a little hope to hold them until they find their forever home.

The Snuggle Bunting is a Snuggle for orphan babies. It wraps them into a cozy little shelter to keep them warm and isolated from the noise and disruptions around them. The unique design allows the bunting to maintain an easy access without feeling confine ...

Tubular Delight Snuggle

Work both sides of the Snuggle at the same time. Amazing!

This pattern is a new twist on an old favorite.

Vertical Stripes Snuggle

This Snuggle works up into a wonderfully thick mat. The contrasting colors add dimension and beauty. Knitting vertical stripes takes a bit of patience if you are doing it for the first time.