Wild Thing

Here's a very easy no-sew toy for your cat. They work up very quickly and your cats will have lots of fun with this one.
Rae French
3 felt sheets, 12" x 9", various colors
Finished size is approximately 7 inches.
We got a call from a young lady who was looking for a pattern for an easy to make cat toy for an event tomorrow. I put my thinking cap on and Wild Thing was created. I hope that you have lots of fun at your event, Hanna.

Starting with three felt sheets, cut four 1/4 inch strips of felt in each. You will have 12 strips of felt. Arrange according to color. Bring all strips into a bundle. Holding strips in both hands make a knot in the center being careful to include all strips in the knot. Don't pull tight while knotting. Then sliding your hands toward the center of the knotted area slowly tighten the knot until it is a hard ball. Trim ends.

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