Garter Brick Wall Knit Snuggle

This pattern is so much fun, you won't be able to stop. My next one will be variegated on the dark yarn. Enjoy!
Rae French
Worsted-weight yarn
Knitting Needles size 8
Darning needle

Model uses Lion Brand Homespun 309 Deco (Light) and Caron Simply Soft Sage 9705 (Dark).
This is the only wall we'll ever build.
Pattern Note
I really liked the raw edge of this pattern. However, you might like to have side edges, in that case, add 2 knit stitches (Dark) on start and end of each row.

Multiple of 6 + 1.

Row 1: (Dark) k across.
Row 2: (Dark) p across.
Row 3: (Light) k3, *sl 1, k5*, end sl 1, k3.
Rows 4 and 6: (Light) k3, *yf, slip sl st of preceding row, yb, k5*, end sl 1, k3.
Row 5: (Light) p3, *slip sl st of preceding row, p5*, end sl 1, p3.
Row 7: (Dark) k across.
Row 8: (Dark) p across.
Row 9: (Light) *sl 1, k5*, end sl 1.
Row 10 and 12: (Light) *yf, slip sl st of preceding row, yb, k5*, end sl 1, k3.
Row 11: (Light) *sl 1, p5, end sl 1.
Repeat these 12 rows for pattern.

Note: Slip stitch as if to knit in all instances to create the correct wind in the overlay stitch.

Continue in pattern until desired length. Finish off.

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