Basketweave Madness Snuggle

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This is a no-sew polar fleece project. This pattern uses a simple checkerboard-style basketweave but by altering the weave you can create your own unique masterpiece. This is a great project for kids.
Rae French
1/2 yd Polar fleece
Scissors or rotary cutter
3 Foot metal Yardstick
Pattern Note
Cut both layers of fleece at same time.

Basketweave Madness Snuggle Layer pieces of fleece. Cut into 1" strips across.

Arrange strips next to each other. Place yardstick across end of strips to hold in place. Fold every other (even numbered) strip back.

Lay alternating strip across, fold even numbered strips back.

Move yardstick over just laid strip. Fold back odd numbered strips over yardstick. Lay another strip across, fold odd numbered strips back.

Basketweave Madness SnuggleContinue in this fashion until all strips are laid in a basketweave.


There are many different ways to finish this to secure the strips in place. You may want to add grommets to each strip end to hold the layers together. You may want to use yarn to tack strip layers together (shown in model). You may want to use a sewing machine to stitch the layers together. You may want to hand sew the layers together. I'm sure that you can think of more ways to keep the layers together. Be creative and enjoy the project.

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