Twisted Garter Snuggle

This pattern is a new twist on an old favorite.
Rae French
Worsted-weight yarn
Size 9 knitting needles
Pattern Note
The stitch is the garter stitch but in this version you insert the needle through the back loop of the stitch and knit. The top picture is normal view, the bottom picture has the stitch pulled open to display the twist.

You will love this version as it creates a firmer, plusher straight knit Snuggle. No counting. No watching pattern progression. Great pattern for the advanced beginner.

Cast on to the desired width.

All Rows: K in back loop of every stitch in every row. Read pattern note above.

Rep Rows until desired length. Finish off.

Hint for best results in finishing is to leave ends long and weave the ends through the work using a tapestry needle.

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