Fabric Strips Snuggle II

Here is a variation of the first fabric strips pattern.
Rae French
Cotton or cotton blend fabrics
Size P crochet hook

Trim selvages of fabric and cut fabric into 1-1/2 inch lengthwise strips. Join strips end to end, to make a continuous strip. Machine sew ends (I lay my strips across each other and zigzag diagonally, then cut close to the stitches to eliminate bulk). Roll the strips into balls. It is easier to have several balls then you can sew them together when you come to the end of one.

Chain a length to the desired width.

Row 1: Skip 1 ch, sc across, ch1, turn.

Row 2: Work sc in each sc, ch 1, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until work measures the desired size you want, omitting final ch 1 and fastening off. Weave in both ends with tapestry needle.

You may work this simple pattern with double strands of yarn also. Very simple. You may also single crochet around the edges for a border. If you chose to do this with the cloth pattern, use yarn for do that.

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