• Snuggles provide frightened animals something comfortable to help calm themselves so that shelters can start the adoption process quicker.
    Snuggles make shelters look and feel more homey. Animals and people are more at ease making for better matching and better adoption results.
    The project brings people together -- with time to chat, time to learn, and time to teach. Getting together to make Snuggles is fun.

Our members know . . .

  • With every stitch that you make you are adding a bonus of "Love" into each and every Snuggle that you make. You just know that good things will come to its recipient.
    Calm and ready for adoption.
  • The good feeling that you get when you see your Snuggles in a shelter or the smile of appreciation that you get from the shelter volunteer. This is good for your heart.
  • The Snuggles Project brings generations together in a fun and giving way. With this common ground, we just know that we are making the world better for humans too.
All I need is a Snuggle and a place to call home.