All I need is a Snuggle . . .
and a place to call home.




Snuggles should be donated directly to any of the participating shelters listed in our Worldwide Shelter Directory.

The participating shelters are marked with a Snuggle Kitten  icon.

Please use a Snuggles Donation Form (link at the bottom of the page) whenever donating directly to any local shelter. You can feel confident about donating directly to the participating shelters as they have specifically requested to receive snuggles and understand how they should be used. If your local shelter is not listed, please let us know by either filling out the Add a Listing link inside the Worldwide Shelter Directory or by sending us a note including the shelter's name, address, telephone, fax, as well as email or website if you know it.

Donating to shelters without a Snuggle Kitten icon, please ask them if they accept them first. There are still many shelters who do not know about the Snuggles Project or do not have the facility to wash them. You may even offer your volunteer services to wash the Snuggles for the shelter in that case. The key question to ask your shelter is if they use towels and blankets in their cages and kennels. If they answer "yes" then more than likely they will want to receive Snuggles for their shelter animals. Additionally, if they do say yes and they don't have a Snuggle Kitten icon yet, please let us know so that we can give them one.

Snuggles Donation Form
Whenever you donate Snuggles to your local shelter, please report to us that you have done so. Here are a couple ways to report to us. The forms are located at the bottom of the page.

  1. Printable Snuggles Donation Report (enclose a copy to the shelter with your Snuggles donation and send us a copy via regular mail, fax, or by one of the report forms below)
  2. Online Snuggles Donation Report (save postage by filling out this online report)

These reporting procedures are important because they help us keep our records accurate and allows us to monitor how well the project is doing. It is important that you follow through with this so that we can continue to help the animals. All donations receive a tax-deductible receipt which we send out in either postcard or email form. If you require any other type of receipt please let us know and include a SASE.

Can't Crochet, Knit, Sew? We could really use your help by writing a check. Monetary donations are always welcome in any amount to support our programs for the animals. To make a secure donation online, click here.

If you are an animal shelter or rescue organization in need of Snuggles, register on the Hugs Society site and then Edit/Claim your directory listing to add the Snuggles Project to your listing.