All I need is a Snuggle . . .
and a place to call home.



We understand that some like to go their own way. They find out about the Snuggles Project and then have a need to make it their own. They name their Snuggles creations something different, e.g., blankies, huggies, animal cuddlies, snugglies, critter blankets, etc. They tell people that they make "blankies" for shelter animals and get write-ups in their local newspapers or on their local television news channel and never mention where they got the idea.

We are writing this, not for everyone, but just to those who fit the description above. We understand that some people feel the need to do this, but we would also like you to understand that it devalues the project and the work that we have put into it.

The original idea for the Snuggles Project was created by Rae French, the president of Hugs Society (formerly known as Hugs for Homeless Animals). She officially created the Snuggles Project in 1996 but she had been making Snuggles for animals since 1960. At about the same time that she was learning how to knit, her beloved cat died and left 5 newborn kittens. She tried desperately to save them, feeding them and especially keeping them warm. Unfortunately, the kittens didn't make it, but the Snuggles did and she continued to make them over the years for her own as well as friend's pets.

So please help the project by respecting the originality and the future of it and give credit where credit is due.

Thank you and keep Snuggling!